If you are looking for certified or official translation, you can always count on City Quay Translators. We do offer various types of certifications depending on your requirements.

Usually certified translation is required for translation of your legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, contracts, diplomas etc. if the document is not written in English or Welsch (or any other language if you are submitting the document to the foreign body).

Certified translation should include the statement that it is a “a true and accurate translation of the original document”, the date of the translation and full name and contact details of the translator or representative of the translation company.

Usually the body you are submitting the document to will advise you what type of certification is required. Sometimes, they would ask you to have a solicitor or notary certification on top of in-house certified translation. In this case, our notary or solicitor will also add their seal and a signature to witness the translation.

If you have more question about certified translation or legalisation services email as at info@cityquaytranslators.co.uk or submit a quote here.

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